Broome Billfish Charters has been in operation since 1996 and is known as the premier fishing charter in Broome. Our boats are equipped with the best gear and we offer a full-tournament style fishing experience. We have won more competitions in Broome than any other charter, making us the boat to follow when in the water.

Our guides are driven by their passion for fishing and their desire to give guests an experience they will never forget. Each guide has a unique background and story, but all share the same enthusiasm and eagerness to please. Our close-knit team has formed strong bonds, making each fishing trip a memorable and enjoyable experience.


Ash Pittard (Skipper for Billistic)

Broome born and raised, Ash is a fishing fanatic. He has never missed a competition and is well-travelled, competing in events along the west coast. Ash is a knowledgeable fisherman and a top-notch guy.

Chris Tanti (Relief Skipper for Billistic)

Chris spent most of his life as a commercial diver, giving him a close connection to the ocean. He is passionate about billfish and competes in tournaments along the west coast. Chris is sponsored by Simrad and has a loyal following on Instagram. He is a true legend in the fishing world and loves to share his knowledge with others.

Gavin Humphries (Billistic Deckie)

Born and raised in Broome, Gavin has worked in the pearling farms and on charter boats for many years. He is always happy to share his knowledge and tell stories that will have you laughing all day. Gavin is the perfect deck mate for a fun and memorable fishing experience.

Jack Furzer (Barra Trauma Skipper)

Jack’s enthusiasm is contagious and his passion for fishing is evident in his guides. He is a knowledgeable guide and a people person who has received rave reviews from past guests. Jack’s family is just as passionate about the ocean and fishing, making him a top-notch guide.

Ben Moore (Blow-in Captain)

Ben started his career in construction in Perth, but eventually found his true calling on the ocean. He fell in love with the history and untouched beauty of the Kimberley and knew it was his home. Ben is also a massive car enthusiast and loves the thrill of piloting an eco boat with a V8 engine.