The Barramundi is a popular and highly prized species of fish that is found along the northern coast of Australia. They have a distinctive dark to light brown coloration and can grow to be up to 120cm in length and weigh up to 40kg. In Broome, the average weight of a Barramundi is 20kg, with the average length being 100cm. They are known for their predatory nature and are able to adapt to a variety of environments.

Habitat: Barramundi are found in a variety of habitats along the northern coast of Australia including tidal rivers, estuaries and freshwater systems. They are able to adapt to different environments and are often found in areas with good access to food.

Feeding Behaviour: Barramundi feed on a variety of smaller fish, crustaceans and insects. They are opportunistic predators and feed on whatever is available to them. They are known to hunt at night and ambush their prey from the shadows.

Species Info

Male Average Length: 50cm

female Average Length: 80cm

Male Average Weight: 6Kg

Female Average Weight: 8Kg

Best Fishing Methods: The best methods for catching Barramundi include fishing with live bait, lures and soft plastics. They are also often caught by anglers fishing with spinning gear and casting lures in estuaries and tidal rivers. Barramundi are also known to be caught on baits such as prawns, mullet and herring

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